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Your En Route After Diploma Certificate

In conjunction with this September intake, we have our current and/or past students to share with you their tips and tricks in studying abroad.

So here we are about to share with you a short story from Chin Zhi Hao who pursued BA (Hon) in Architectural Design (RIBA Part 1)
and currently working in Singapore. Hope all of you enjoy his story and gives you preparation before you fly off this coming September 2016.


“My family was very positive and supportive about my decision despite having a heavy heart during my departure. With majority of students are locals and few international students, I’ve enjoyed learning about different cultures and adapting to the local living style. Besides, I built up a close relationship with lecturers and managed to learn a lot from them. Not forgetting, I had the chance to travel to other European countries and discovered their buildings’ architecture.
Study environment is more flexible where lecturers are straightforward and approachable in teaching. The course was 100% studio based, so I am able to apply what I’ve learnt in my career now. Employers tend to appreciate students who had experience abroad as they think these students tend to have characteristics and personality such as independence, self‐awareness, flexibility, good problem‐solving skills and cross‐cultural communication skills.

Chin Zhi Hao_graduation photo
Personally, it’s an awesome opportunity to study for 2 years in Ireland after Diploma. It will broaden our knowledge and we are able to gain a different kind of life experience. I’ll never forget this incredible experience!”