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Why Study in Ireland (not USA or UK or Australia)?

Trinity College DublinOk so this is my (Adnan Awes) first ever blog on Why Study in Ireland, so I’m not sure how its going to be for the audience, but I’ll try to be as helpful as possible and provide the best information I can.Trinity College Dublin

My personal background: Born and bought up in Dubai, did my schooling there, then intermediate in Hyderabad and then my graduation from Osmania University in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Production.

Currently pursuing my M.Sc. from University College Dublin, in Bio-System Engineering, Sustainable Energy and Green Technology.
Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland is emerging as the “new” preferred country for students to pursue their higher education. There are a various reasons for this.

My reason was , everyone goes to the US, Australia, Canada, UK etc.

I said, I wanted to go to a different place, where no one has gone, where I’ve no friends ( I traveled to Dublin alone, had no friends from India, made a couple on Facebook :P) or family members. My main aim was to be an example to others.

Anyways, to start with, Ireland is voted as the one of the “most friendliest” country in the world. This implies that, unlike the US, Australia, Germany etc, here in Ireland, there are negligible chances that you’ll get bullied. By the word “bully” I mean, there are hardly any instances where you are said “oh ok so you are an Indian” in the most disturbing tone. This literally never happens in Ireland. People are friendly, deep down to the core.

For example, on my second day in Dublin, I lost my way back to the hostel(where I was temporarily staying till I found an accommodation). There was this pregnant lady who was walking 10km to her yoga class (!!) noticed my confused look and approached me to provide help in finding the way back. She walked me to the hostel and left with a smile.

People will help you in all aspects here. Unlike the other countries where there is an obvious tone in the people “I can help you but…”, in Ireland its more like “I’m sorry I can’t but you can do this….” which of course is more pleasing.

More than 100,000 Indian students travel overseas for education every year and around 1,000 of these come to Ireland.

Indian Students have a “strange” mindset about education in other countries apart from USA, UK Australia etc. The first thing you hear from them is “Why Study in Ireland?”
Universities in Ireland

Also, there are about 4 Irish Universities which come under the top 1% universities in the world. This may seem a small figure for most people but it sure is considerable. The list of top universities in Ireland is as below:

  1. Trinity College Dublin (Estd 1595, Oldest University In Ireland With About 17,000 Students)
  2. University College Cork (Estd 1845)
  3. University College Dublin (Estd 1854, 25,000 Students Of Which Over 5,000 Are International Students)
  4. Dublin City University (Estd 1975)
  5. Nui Galway (Estd 1908, 17,000 Students Of Which Over 2,000 Are International Students)
  6. Dublin Institute Of Technology(Estd 1978)

There are various other universities with good recognition and infrastructure. I shall be writing more about each specific university.

Second reason to come to Ireland, is that its a English speaking country and the Irish dialect is very understandable compared to British and Australian English. Indian students will not have much difficulty with adjusting to the language here. More detailed information about education in Ireland coming soon! I hope this helps!

Let me know if you have any questions about Why study in Ireland or other aspects of education in Ireland.