My Experience in Ireland – Travis Loh – Education Ireland MY

My Experience in Ireland – Travis Loh

Fortunately, I had another shot at my ticket. There was an Education Ireland booth set up on Tar UC campus, and I intuitively went to check it out. (If you are ever wondering, it is significantly affordable compared to the likes of UK and Australia)

Lo and behold after 2 years, here I am, now working in Ireland; all because of the best decision I had ever made – to study in Ireland. Within these 2 years, I had the greatest time of my life, met friends from all around the continent whom I would even consider as family and even seen various wonders of the world. All these experiences, I would say had profoundly humbled me as a person and I will definitely cherish all those moments to the end of days. I am currently employed in Ireland by the company provided internship during my undergraduate.