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Meet Our Students Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI)


Isa Al Hajri
Bahrain, Medicine

RCSI Bahrain has the reputation of being one of the best medical colleges because it offers the perfect studying atmosphere. It follows the approach of mixing fun with knowledge.

The University’s qualified teaching staff delivers the curriculum content in the most efficient way.

The activities and events organised by the Student Council offers the interaction needed between students to create a healthy environment. These events also provide fun breaks from all the study and stress.

The ‘Homecoming Festival’ was one of the best events organised by the Student Council. It was the first opportunity for the students to mix and break the ice with each other. We made our first friendships that night.

The opening of the Learning Resource Centre is an excellent addition to the campus facilities and offers a quiet and relaxed space to study in.



Susmitha S. Aroli
India, Medical

I still remember the very first day that I walked into RCSI Bahrain. I was like the wide eyed new kindergarten student, wonderstruck, amazed and surprised. I’m currently in my fourth year of medicine and to be absolutely honest I had no idea what was waiting for me and to my own disbelief this University never stopped surprising me. Starting with the facilities, the ambience and ever so helpful, kind, caring, talented and vibrant faculty staff, everything about this university never ceases to amaze me.

My professors always make sure I embrace curiosity, think outside the box, explore possibilities and grab every opportunity with no inhibitions and I’m sure this has helped me structure, shape and develop both professionally and personally.

Yes I do agree that life as a medical student is challenging but RCSI Bahrain has helped me in balancing my career along with extracurricular activities and sports, with regular events to help us all come together, relax and unwind.

RCSI Bahrain has made me what I am today – an assertive, strong, courageous and  a curious young woman. I am definitely on my way to making my dreams come true and all thanks to the whole RCSI Bahrain experience.




Daniel MacManus
Ireland, Medicine

When I heard about the RCSI Bahrain exchange programme I knew that I couldn’t let such a unique opportunity pass me by. Past exchange students and my Arab friends in Dublin had told me amazing stories of their time here and I decided that I wanted to travel to the Middle East. It is true of any experience that you don’t know what you are getting yourself into until you are in the midst of it. Living in Bahrain was no different. I was inspired by the people I met as well as motivated and challenged by the course material. My mind has opened up and I have developed personally and professionally.

The facilities on campus are amazing. I enjoyed my lectures, the interactive teaching methods, the state of the art lecture theatres and the advanced modern design of the campus.
My life has been enriched by my time in RCSI Bahrain. I hope that I am able to return soon to this wonderful University and Country.