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Qualifications Recognition

The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI) is the Irish centre for the recognition of international qualifications. The Authority represents Ireland in a European network of centres known as ENIC/NARIC (European National Information Centre/National Academic Recognition Information Centre) and is an NRP (National Reference Point) which promote the recognition of international vocational qualifications throughout Europe and further afield.

The National Qualifications Authority of Ireland has established a National Framework of Qualifications . The National Framework of Qualifications The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) provides a way to compare qualifications, and to ensure that they are quality assured and recognised at home and abroad.




Students are encouraged to use the National Framework Qualifications to identify the qualification they will achieve before making decisions.Qualifications recognised through the NFQ are quality assured. This means that you can have confidence that your course, and the institution at which you are studying, are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The NFQ is a system of ten levels, the ten levels capture all learning from the very initial stages to the most advanced. It is designed to incorporate awards from all kinds of learning wherever it is undertaken. The transparent nature of the NFQ allows students to compare and contrast qualifications and to plan their education and training and career progression. It aids employers in recognising and understanding the level and standard of qualifications, acting as a tool for identify ‘appropriate fit’ qualifications for specific roles. In exploring whether a course meets your needs, it is essential that you find out what qualification is awarded at the end of the course.

What do you need to know about a qualification?

You need to know what its level and type in the National Framework of Qualifications.You also need to know who is the awarding body and what progression routes are available after completing the programme. This information will help you to judge whether a course will lead you to the outcomes you expect. All recognised Irish awards are included in the National Framework of Qualifications.

Recognition of Foreign Qualifications in Ireland

If you have completed a qualification outside Ireland, you may wish to have it assessed in order to gain employment or undertake further studies in Ireland.


 Recognition of Irish Qualifications Abroad

If you hold an Irish qualification and wish to have it recognised abroad for employment or further studies, the NQAI can refer you to the appropriate authorities abroad.

International Qualifications Database

The International Qualifications Database, here you can find advice regarding the comparability of foreign qualifications in Ireland as well as information regarding education and training systems abroad. For further information click here