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Family Reunification

Can I bring my husband, wife, partner or children with me?

No. In general students will continue to have no rights to Family Reunification. Some exceptions to this rule are set out below.

For visa required students your husband, wife, civil partner or child will need to make their own Visa application and this application will be judged on its own merit.

Partners, spouses and/or children will be considered as applicants in their own right but cannot advance their application for entry or residence on the basis of their relationship to another student.

Students will not be permitted to be accompanied or joined by children other than those born during their stay.


Can my children come and visit me in Ireland?

In general no, family reunification will be achieved by you visiting your children and family during academic holidays.


Are there exceptions to the rules?

Exemptions from the policy of no Family Reunification will be considered where;

  • The student is pursuing a course at PhD level (NFQ 10). In these cases the student will be required to progress academically (verified by letter from academic supervisor) and to complete their doctorate within 4 years; or
  • The student is a participant in an academic programme agreed between the Irish State and another state whereby the student and dependents are sufficiently well funded in respect of all expenses in Ireland, or where any such agreement provides an exemption; or
  • The student can demonstrate private means on an annual basis at a level that clearly allows them to support themselves and their family without recourse to public funds and without engaging in employment, and, where children are accompanying the parent, has paid an immigration levy set by the Government as a means of recovering the costs of the child’s education; or
  • The child is on a short visit to their parent(s) who can show special circumstances and can guarantee that the child will return home at the end of their visit. Failure to comply with this condition could result in the termination of the parent’s own permissions on the basis that they had breached their immigration conditions.

If my children have been granted permission to accompany me to Ireland, can they attend a State primary/secondary school?

Any child lawfully in the State is permitted to attend a school for education purposes. However, children attending secondary level schooling are required to attend a private fee paying school.

From the 2012/2013 school year these rules will change. From the 2012/2013 school year children may attend a State primary/secondary school only where the parent has paid an immigration levy set by the Government as a means of recovering the costs of the child’s education.

Also the placement of the child in a State school must be expressly approved in writing by the Department of Education and Skills who are responsible for the operation of the education system.

Note: Children born in Ireland and who are ordinarily resident in Ireland will not be subject to the immigration levy