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Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

From a 1970s Regional Technical College to a modern-day Institute of Technology, GMIT has grown to become a centre of education competing on a national and international stage.

The days of the student as a young, fresh-faced school-leaver are over. Students now come in all guises and education is no longer time- or location-dependant. The changes all point to a new emphasis on review and evaluation. Higher education institutes are being increasingly challenged to explain what they are doing, how they are doing it and how well it is being done.

GMIT’s own personal story began on Monday, 18th September 1972 when the first students entered the new Regional Technical College building on Dublin Road, Galway. Enrolment on that autumn day stood at 1,213 students; registration has doubled and tripled to reach almost 9,000 students today.

The Regional Technical College at Galway, together with its sister colleges in other regions of the country, helped the transition from elitist to mass higher education and opened up access to those who had hitherto been disadvantaged because of their remoteness from centres of higher education, explained Mayo’s Dr Gay Corr, who was the college’s first principal and director.

The establishment and growth of these colleges captured the imagination and won the confidence of the public, he wrote for the celebration of RTC Galway’s 21st anniversary year in September 1993. More than 50 percent of all entrants to higher education in Ireland now proceed through this sector.

Under the Regional Technical Colleges Act 1992, the college gained higher education autonomy and took on the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology title, as well as new non-teaching activities like research and consultancy.

GMIT now has five specialised schools of study in the disciplines of Science, Engineering, Hotel and Catering Studies, Humanities and Business Studies. Courses are offered on the campuses of Castlebar, Cluain Mhuire, Letterfrack, Mountbellew and old Dublin Road, Galway.

Merits of College

GMIT is proud of its identity and role as a publicly financed Institute of Technology. It is proud of its people and achievements and has confidence in its ability to meet the challenges of the future. All of our educational programmes have a professional orientation so that you will have a passport to the workplace.

As a student of Galway Mayo Institute of Technology you will have the opportunity to learn at one of the major centres of tertiary education in Ireland. You will join a community if around 9000 students which is committed to provided you with an Irish educational experience and qualification which is recognized throughout the world.

GMIT has built substantial links with business and industry in the West of Ireland. They are extremely important as they enable the institute to fulfill its role as a centre of innovative thought and action in the region.

The Institute wants to provide you with opportunities to develop yourself so that you can contribute to the economic, cultural and social life of any environment in which you live. The wide range of social, cultural and sporting clubs and societies of GMIT will give you the opportunity to build skills, competencies and friendships which will enhance and enrich your personal and professional development. We also hope that you will see the GMIT experience as an important and enjoyable part of life-long learning.

International Relations

  • Student exchange agreements with 100 colleges in 25 European countries
  • Formal collaboration agreements with Nanchang University (NCU) and Wuxi South
  • Ocean College in China, Mahidol University in Thailand, Kyonni University in Korea and the University of Western Carolina in the US
  • Actively involved in Leonardo, Tempus and Minerva programmes (EU Research Programmes)