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The thoughts of DCU Language Services students on their time at Dublin City University


Szilvia from Hungary | studied IELTS preparation course

I took an IELTS preparation course in DCU for 6 weeks. I enjoyed every single day of it. The classes were informative, interactive, well-structured and fun at the same time.

We had plenty of opportunities to practice our English thanks to the small class sizes. We learnt a lot about different cultures while preparing for the speaking part of the IELTS test. We read a great volume of academic literature and interesting science news to prepare for the reading part of the IELTS exam. The homework structure was well balanced and those who requested more were provided with additional material to study at home.

All in all, this course was an amazing experience. I had an excellent teacher and nice classmates from all over the world. I will never forget them. As a result, I passed my IELTS exam with a great score and got access to third level education here in Ireland. Thank you DCU!


Oumayma Douhèret from France | studied TOEIC and General English

I studied in DCU for one month. The first two weeks were General English classes and the last two were TOEIC exam preparation classes. I really enjoyed every day in DCU. All of my teachers were amazing and taught me a lot. The teachers struck a perfect balance in DCU as the classes were entertaining and informative.

My classes in DCU finished at 1pm which gave me time to go sightseeing in Dublin. I also left the capital and visited the Irish countryside. The Irish landscape is incredible and travelling around Ireland was a breathtaking experience.

I’ve met people from all over the world in DCU. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it all again. I’ve really enjoyed being in DCU and in Ireland and I highly recommend this experience!


Henrica from Germany | studied General English (Upper Intermediate)

I went to Dublin for 3 weeks with two aims, to travel and to improve my English. I stayed with a host family who were very friendly and made me feel comfortable immediately. Everything was so easy and well organized at DCU. My teacher and classmates were very funny and friendly. I found talking about all the different cultures including Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Irish very interesting. After class, I had free time and was able to go sightseeing in Dublin or go to the pub with friends. One of the highlights for me was visiting the Cliffs of Moher. Another highlight was watching a Hurling game. I was very impressed with it as it is the fastest field sport of the world. I really enjoyed my time in Ireland and DCU and I would love to come back for a longer length of time.


Willian from Brazil | studied General English

Choosing to study at DCU was one of my best decisions in this journey that I started almost one year ago.

DCU has great teachers, methodology, staff and infrastructure, what makes the learning process engaging and easier. They are constantly monitoring the course quality. The classes have a good mix of students (so you will not experience the problem of having too many speakers of your native language).
I am happy and satisfied with every cent that I invested in my education. I highly recommend this institution and for sure will use their services again in the future!



Haruka Hayashi from Japan | studied Academic Year Programme

When I started studying at DCU, I was shy and very nervous and could not communicate with other people very well. All of the teachers were very supportive and the people of Dublin were really friendly too. I got used to Dublin very quickly!

The classes were great and I could feel myself improving immediately. My speaking skills greatly improved and I noticed a big difference in my ability. Also, I loved making friends with people from all over the world and exploring different cultures.

I enjoyed the facilities at DCU and often stayed on campus after class and went to library to study or to the Helix to chat with my friends. I really enjoyed the activities and day trips organised by DCU. I was able to travel all over Ireland at a much cheaper price than if I organised the trips myself.

I strongly recommend DCU if you want to study English.


After SPM, where to?

For you out there who struggles your pathway to pursue after your secondary education level, why not take some time to read the following thought post to give you an idea on how our student Yeo Eng Jet made his way to Ireland after completion of SPM.


Name: Yeo Eng Jet

Institution in Ireland: Dundalk Institute of Technology

Course of Study: BA Hons Engineering in Mechanical Engineering      12998152_10206138854338960_5341626079936100024_o

“When I was a kid, my father has brought me to an indoor archery range for fun, it was an unforgettable experience for me and I have enjoyed every single shot. When I was 12 (year 2007), right after the UPSR examination, a question was asked by my father “What and where would you like to study?” I thought for a moment and replied “An international school or a sports school”. Solely because I wanted to study in an English speaking school and getting involved in archery.
Due to certain circumstance, my dream was not fulfilled and I have studied in a normal government high school. My grades were below average when I was 13 and 14. At the age of 15 (year 2010), I was exposed to a lot of video games, I was immersed in the technological advanced fantasy world of video games. It was a video game that gave me a goal to study hard and turn this hi-tech fantasy world into reality, I wanted to help and improve the world.
Everything might have sounded a little bit too childish, nerdy and silly so far, but what I have achieved after that was 6A’s out of 7 subjects in the PMR examination (year 2010) and 9A’s out of 10 subjects in the trial SPM examination (year 2012). A chance came to me to study overseas in Ireland with my SPM trial results and I took the chance. And then everything happened like a flash.
Like a blink of an eye, the intake for the International Foundation Programme in Dundalk Institute of Technology (Dkit) in Ireland was January 2013, the programme ended in July 2013. The intake of the Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering was in September 2013. I was ahead of most of my friends at this stage because they took A-levels, STPM and such.12366151_10205833222538356_6642543341075133570_o
In my first year of studying in Dkit, I have joined the archery club which I have been influenced when I was a kid. In my second year, I have won the 2nd place in the intermediate indoor archery Intervarsity league. In my third year, I have won the 1st place in the advanced indoor archery Intervarsity league. Besides my sports performance, I was recognised by my lecturer by getting the best overall academic performance in my class and I was recruited for the Summer Undergraduate Research Programme.
Now, as I am writing this post, 20 September 2016, my certificate for my 3 years Ordinary Degree is waiting for me to collect during the convocation in this coming November. And I will be studying in the fourth year add-on Honours Degree by then. There are many more plans ahead of me such as studying in Masters in Ireland or in Grenoble University in France where my brother is currently studying for his Masters.
My dream was not fulfilled when I was younger which was to study in an International School or a Sports School. But look at me now, I am studying abroad for Mechanical Engineering in an English speaking country and I have achieved high performance in sports. This is something beyond what I have dreamt of.”13051487_1018233244935297_6464707969298836432_n

We hope this post give you an idea of pathway that you can take on to. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.




What to take note in IT Carlow Ireland?

Here we have our current student who is currently studying in IT Carlow Ireland to give you a glimpse of Carlow.

Name : Hwang Foo Shen

Institution in Ireland: Institute of Technology Carlow

Course of Study: 3rd Year Mechanical Engineering

“For the past few years, my experience in Ireland has been nothing short of wonderful. From driving along the Cliffs of Moher to hanging out with friends at the local pub, these memories were truly one of a kind. Among these memories, the best of them include studying at the Institute of Technology, Carlow. 20160329_145130

To describe a few of the wondrous things at Carlow, the facilities within the college were top notch (especially the gym. It was better and cheaper than Celebrity Fitness), the lecturers were helpful and the community there was warm and friendly. It’s really easy to get along with them once you got to know them and joining a club or two really expands your circle of friends, so don’t be shy to get involve with the community over there. In terms of travelling around, Carlow is located in the centre of Ireland so travelling around was easy enough with the bus (it’s only an hour and a half from Dublin). There are certain things that you have to look out for though. For starters, it rains constantly over there and winds do get quite strong so it’s best to either get a water-proof jacket or a sturdy umbrella. Also when going out to the pub at night, always go with a friend just to stay safe.

Aside from these minor inconveniences, my time in Carlow was truly an enjoyable one and I do hope that you too would consider studying here to experience what I had.”

Your En Route After Diploma Certificate

In conjunction with this September intake, we have our current and/or past students to share with you their tips and tricks in studying abroad.

So here we are about to share with you a short story from Chin Zhi Hao who pursued BA (Hon) in Architectural Design (RIBA Part 1)
and currently working in Singapore. Hope all of you enjoy his story and gives you preparation before you fly off this coming September 2016.


“My family was very positive and supportive about my decision despite having a heavy heart during my departure. With majority of students are locals and few international students, I’ve enjoyed learning about different cultures and adapting to the local living style. Besides, I built up a close relationship with lecturers and managed to learn a lot from them. Not forgetting, I had the chance to travel to other European countries and discovered their buildings’ architecture.
Study environment is more flexible where lecturers are straightforward and approachable in teaching. The course was 100% studio based, so I am able to apply what I’ve learnt in my career now. Employers tend to appreciate students who had experience abroad as they think these students tend to have characteristics and personality such as independence, self‐awareness, flexibility, good problem‐solving skills and cross‐cultural communication skills.

Chin Zhi Hao_graduation photo
Personally, it’s an awesome opportunity to study for 2 years in Ireland after Diploma. It will broaden our knowledge and we are able to gain a different kind of life experience. I’ll never forget this incredible experience!”

An Attitude You Should be Carrying Abroad

In conjunction with the new intakes flying off to Ireland this September 2016, we will be posting posts of existing students sharing their tips and tricks or the right mindset and direction you should be having and heading to as you are in abroad.

Here we have Yeo Eng Guang to advice you on facing the challenges and strive for more opportunities.

Alma mater in Malaysia: KL TAR UC – Diploma in Mass Communication (Public Relation)

Previous Institution in  Ireland: Dundalk Institute of Technology – Degree in Public Relation and Online Communication

Current University: Grenoble IAE, France – Master in International Management


Q: Have you been picturing yourself studying abroad?Yeo Eng Guang

Do you remember when you were a child and you wanted to buy a really awesome toy but you just can’t get it and when you were about to give up, Bam! It’s in your bedroom? Yeah me too. Traveling to the West have always been one of my dream as a child. I often fantasized how my life would be in the West. And with the opportunity presented by MyStudy, my fantasy became reality. I no longer need to wait for my slumber to live in a foreign land.

Q: Have you doubt on yourself during your abroad studies?

Of course there has been doubts on my ability to adapt to this situation and there are certainly some difficulties that follows. But as we learn from this challenges, life in Ireland is fascinating. These new people, new environment and new challenges only molded me into a better person that I never know I could be. All the soft skills and challenges that I’ve faced are priceless. It has even open up my willingness to try new things. We have all hear and knew the phrase “It is only impossible if we don’t try” or something similar, but this international experience has really taught me to embrace it. And for that, I was able to apply for a French University and finally able to speak French, which is another tick on my bucket list.
Q: Your advice to new students?
My take away from this experience is that never be shy or walk away from any opportunity. When opportunities comes to you, you don’t shake their hand, you bear hug them and show them what you’ve got.
We sincerely hope this little advice from Eng Guang will set a positive mindset to all the new students flying off soon. Have fun!

A Journey to Full Scholarship-You Can Too!

This year, we have a very special candidate to further her studies in Ireland this coming September 2016 in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT). What makes her so special is her full scholarship fully funded for her Tuition Fees, Accommodation and Living expenses. We wouldn’t want to miss the chance to know more about her excitement and how she got the scholarship, read on below on the interview we had with her.


(a) Introduce about yourself…                                                              WhatsApp Image 2016-08-08 at 13.56.43

Name: Lee Sook Yan

Field of Study: Quantity Surveying

Ireland Institution: Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)

Course in LIT: Master of Science in Quantity Surveying

(b) How long does it take to know your application result?

Recalling from the time I know the scholarship, the application for scholarship and my application was confirmed succeeded, all these were happened within in one month, which was in month of July 2016.

(c) Your excitement and how did you came across this scholarship application?

Getting this scholarship is really a great honour for me and my family. I have never thought that such wonderful chance come towards me, that is to further study master in oversea, until I got the calls from Associate Dean in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and my beloved lecturer, who delivered this news and encouraged me to apply for it. At first, I was not fairly confident to apply for it. The reason is I think I am not the best student in my course in Bachelor Degree, in which this full scholarship scheme would only offer to one student, who thinks as to be a high calibrate student. Indeed, it is highly competitive.

(d) What achievements have you included to get this scholarship from LIT?

To put myself to compete for this scholarship, I shall list out some of my academic performances in TAR UC, as the achievements. They include Diploma in Technology with Distinction, Book Prize in Diploma in Technology (Quantity Surveying) and my proudest achievement is in my Final Year of Bachelor Degree, I won the Best Final Year Dissertation Project Student, which nominated for Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM) and Best Dissertation Award by Tunku Abdul Rahman University College 2016.

(e) What would you advice to your juniors in going the same path as you?

From the pending stage of application until the approval of scholarship , I realized one thing which I felt appreciated and I wish to share it to my juniors who wish to apply scholarship in the future. To be honest, I am not a Bachelor Degree student who graduated with Distinction. I would say that this is my best luck of obtaining this scholarship. From my point of view, LIT does not decide scholars depending on student outstanding academic records, like their CGPA grade, but they will consider your overall quality of application. Thus for me, I think my effort that I put in my dissertation truly help me out as chance of success.

(f) How would you see yourself in LIT and encouragement for others?

I will try my best to study well in the course. I am sure studying in Ireland would be a very good stepping stone for me to widen my future career opportunity. “Don’t belittle yourself. If you only do what you know you can do, you will never be more than you are.” (Kung fu Panda 3 Quote)


Want to be like Sook Yan? Always aim for the sky and perform the best, you will never know what’s rewarding ahead of you.

Broaden your scope in Ireland with everyone. Your passport to your future starts here…


My Experience in Ireland – Yek Siu San

给勇敢追梦的你 by 叶秀珊
Studying at Dublin City University for Msc in Journalism







在这里度过了生日、圣诞节、跨年、华人新年,这也是每逢佳节倍思亲的时刻,但是,特别的是,什么节日都有特别的人相伴,这里的氛围感受西方的节庆,华人新年有中国侨胞举办活动,依然有舞龙舞狮,有华人餐馆,有亚洲市场可以买到Maggie牌泡面。马来西亚大使馆更是经常举办活动,一样可以吃到“辣死你妈”(Nasi Lemak)。在这里也有教会,结交了来自世界各地的好朋友。














My Experience in Ireland – Travis Loh

Fortunately, I had another shot at my ticket. There was an Education Ireland booth set up on Tar UC campus, and I intuitively went to check it out. (If you are ever wondering, it is significantly affordable compared to the likes of UK and Australia)

Lo and behold after 2 years, here I am, now working in Ireland; all because of the best decision I had ever made – to study in Ireland. Within these 2 years, I had the greatest time of my life, met friends from all around the continent whom I would even consider as family and even seen various wonders of the world. All these experiences, I would say had profoundly humbled me as a person and I will definitely cherish all those moments to the end of days. I am currently employed in Ireland by the company provided internship during my undergraduate.

My Experience in Ireland – Ong Hong Sam

I completed my diploma at TAR UC and I transferred to Ireland my third year of Mechanical Engineering in Ireland. Over the years, the university has invested millions of Euros to provide students with the best learning materials, facilities and tutors. In the university, there is a newly built Engineering building and was equipped with the latest experiment devices for the students. Apart from that, whenever I find any difficulties within the course, there are always experienced tutors and friendly staff that are willing to guide me. The interaction between students and tutors are exciting as well as everyone has their different opinions on certain matters. A challenge to minds, I would stay.

My Experience in Ireland – Melody Chong

Ireland is a beautiful country with many sights to see. I have never once regretted my decision to further my studies here. It’s not just about studying when you study abroad. It’s all about the experience. My college provides us with a multinational environment where I have actually made friends from all around the world such as Brazil, China, Poland and Germany. So here’s a piece of advice : Explore, enjoy and have fun. Don’t forget to study too!