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An Attitude You Should be Carrying Abroad

In conjunction with the new intakes flying off to Ireland this September 2016, we will be posting posts of existing students sharing their tips and tricks or the right mindset and direction you should be having and heading to as you are in abroad.

Here we have Yeo Eng Guang to advice you on facing the challenges and strive for more opportunities.

Alma mater in Malaysia: KL TAR UC – Diploma in Mass Communication (Public Relation)

Previous Institution in  Ireland: Dundalk Institute of Technology – Degree in Public Relation and Online Communication

Current University: Grenoble IAE, France – Master in International Management


Q: Have you been picturing yourself studying abroad?Yeo Eng Guang

Do you remember when you were a child and you wanted to buy a really awesome toy but you just can’t get it and when you were about to give up, Bam! It’s in your bedroom? Yeah me too. Traveling to the West have always been one of my dream as a child. I often fantasized how my life would be in the West. And with the opportunity presented by MyStudy, my fantasy became reality. I no longer need to wait for my slumber to live in a foreign land.

Q: Have you doubt on yourself during your abroad studies?

Of course there has been doubts on my ability to adapt to this situation and there are certainly some difficulties that follows. But as we learn from this challenges, life in Ireland is fascinating. These new people, new environment and new challenges only molded me into a better person that I never know I could be. All the soft skills and challenges that I’ve faced are priceless. It has even open up my willingness to try new things. We have all hear and knew the phrase “It is only impossible if we don’t try” or something similar, but this international experience has really taught me to embrace it. And for that, I was able to apply for a French University and finally able to speak French, which is another tick on my bucket list.
Q: Your advice to new students?
My take away from this experience is that never be shy or walk away from any opportunity. When opportunities comes to you, you don’t shake their hand, you bear hug them and show them what you’ve got.
We sincerely hope this little advice from Eng Guang will set a positive mindset to all the new students flying off soon. Have fun!