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After SPM, where to?

For you out there who struggles your pathway to pursue after your secondary education level, why not take some time to read the following thought post to give you an idea on how our student Yeo Eng Jet made his way to Ireland after completion of SPM.


Name: Yeo Eng Jet

Institution in Ireland: Dundalk Institute of Technology

Course of Study: BA Hons Engineering in Mechanical Engineering      12998152_10206138854338960_5341626079936100024_o

“When I was a kid, my father has brought me to an indoor archery range for fun, it was an unforgettable experience for me and I have enjoyed every single shot. When I was 12 (year 2007), right after the UPSR examination, a question was asked by my father “What and where would you like to study?” I thought for a moment and replied “An international school or a sports school”. Solely because I wanted to study in an English speaking school and getting involved in archery.
Due to certain circumstance, my dream was not fulfilled and I have studied in a normal government high school. My grades were below average when I was 13 and 14. At the age of 15 (year 2010), I was exposed to a lot of video games, I was immersed in the technological advanced fantasy world of video games. It was a video game that gave me a goal to study hard and turn this hi-tech fantasy world into reality, I wanted to help and improve the world.
Everything might have sounded a little bit too childish, nerdy and silly so far, but what I have achieved after that was 6A’s out of 7 subjects in the PMR examination (year 2010) and 9A’s out of 10 subjects in the trial SPM examination (year 2012). A chance came to me to study overseas in Ireland with my SPM trial results and I took the chance. And then everything happened like a flash.
Like a blink of an eye, the intake for the International Foundation Programme in Dundalk Institute of Technology (Dkit) in Ireland was January 2013, the programme ended in July 2013. The intake of the Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering was in September 2013. I was ahead of most of my friends at this stage because they took A-levels, STPM and such.12366151_10205833222538356_6642543341075133570_o
In my first year of studying in Dkit, I have joined the archery club which I have been influenced when I was a kid. In my second year, I have won the 2nd place in the intermediate indoor archery Intervarsity league. In my third year, I have won the 1st place in the advanced indoor archery Intervarsity league. Besides my sports performance, I was recognised by my lecturer by getting the best overall academic performance in my class and I was recruited for the Summer Undergraduate Research Programme.
Now, as I am writing this post, 20 September 2016, my certificate for my 3 years Ordinary Degree is waiting for me to collect during the convocation in this coming November. And I will be studying in the fourth year add-on Honours Degree by then. There are many more plans ahead of me such as studying in Masters in Ireland or in Grenoble University in France where my brother is currently studying for his Masters.
My dream was not fulfilled when I was younger which was to study in an International School or a Sports School. But look at me now, I am studying abroad for Mechanical Engineering in an English speaking country and I have achieved high performance in sports. This is something beyond what I have dreamt of.”13051487_1018233244935297_6464707969298836432_n

We hope this post give you an idea of pathway that you can take on to. Feel free to contact us for inquiries.