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Work in Ireland

Working while Studying in Ireland

Since April 2001 non-EEA nationals with permission to remain in the State as students, on immigration Stamp 2 permission and enrolled on courses with education providers listed on the Internationalisation Register, have been afforded the opportunity to work.

This allows non-EEA Students to take up casual employment to supplement their income while studying in Ireland. During term time non-EEA students can work up to 20 hours per week and during normal college holiday periods non-EEA students can work on a full time basis up to 40 hours per week.

For 2011 non-EEA students will be permitted to take up employment in accordance with the rules set out below.

However, all non EEA students should be aware that the student work concession is being reviewed in 2011 and this may result in changes to this concession.

Note: Students attending courses not on the Internationalisation Register are not permitted to work and are registered with Stamp 2A permission.


Can I work while I am studying in Ireland?

It is permissible for Degree Programme students to engage in casual employment where they are

  • Registered with Stamp 2 permission
  • Enrolled on a course listed on the Internationalisation Register
  • Attending a full time course of education at or above NFQ Level 7
  • Undertaking a full time course for a minimum of 25 weeks per annum
  • On a course of at least one year’s duration
  • Pursuing a course leading to a qualifications recognised by the Minister for Education and Skills

Students will also be required to comply with the Universal Social Contribution, Pay Related Social Insurance, employment laws and taxation requirements.

Casual employment is defined as up to a maximum of 20 hours part-time per week during the academic semester, or full time work (up to 40 hours per week) during normal college holiday periods.

Can I work for more than 20 hours per week during term time?

NO. This will breach the conditions attached to your permission. Any breach of the conditions attached to permission to remain in Ireland as a student will be taken very seriously by the immigration authorities.  In the event that a student breaches the conditions of their student permission your permission to be in the State as a student may be withdrawn. Such students will be considered illegal in the State and may be required to leave the State.


Can I conduct business or be self-employed?

No. This will breach the conditions attached to your permission


Can I work full-time in a permanent job while I am studying in Ireland?

No. This will breach the conditions attached to your permission


I have to do an internship as part of my cours of study – is this allowed under the immigration rules?

Yes. Students enrolled on courses on the Degree Programme (major awards at NFQ Level 7 or equivalent and above are allowed to undertake an internship where this forms part of their course. This is subject to the following rules.

  • The internship or work placement component of the course cannot exceed 50% of the duration of the course e.g. a 4 year course would permit 2 years of work placement. In addition the employment cannot be in a self employed capacity.
  • Work placements as part of an academic programme must form an integral part of the course and their completion contribute to the final award.
  • Education establishments must also ensure that the placements are appropriate to the nature of the academic programme being pursued.

Note: Outside of the Degree Programme certain named exceptions may be permitted to engage in Internship programmes in relation to EU-funded programmes.