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Costs for Malaysians to study abroad in Ireland can be considerably high especially for science subjects. Luckily there are a number of scholarship and funding options available. Read our breakdown of three key scholarships to help kick start your study in Ireland.


Funding Bodies

Irish Government

The Irish government awards a quota of scholarships to international students each year that are given directly by your host institution or awarded in partnership with another body. These awards are granted based on academic merit and welcome applications from students across a range of study areas and degree levels.


Host institution

Almost all Irish universities have a number of scholarship options for international and local students enrolled in one of their study programmes. Sometimes, these are awarded in relation to another body, such as the Irish government or an organisation that is focused on a specific study area or skill set. Students are advised to consult their host university for potential funding options as generally they will be tailored to your needs.



You have the option to search for funding from an external company or funding body. This type of funding is more subject-specific.


Go onto online scholarship search engines such as Scholarship Times and Scholarships 4 Development. Otherwise, search for a company directly and see on their website whether they have funding options for international students.



Government of Ireland and Enterprise Partnership Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

Awarded by the Irish Research Council, this award seeks to encourage innovative Postgraduate research undertaken in Ireland. Full time Masters and Doctorate research students from any country studying in any discipline at any Irish higher education institution are eligible.  Click here to find out more.


Government of Ireland Scholarships

Awarded annually, this scholarship is open to international students to cover the final year of Bachelor study or one year of a research based Masters or Doctorate programme. Students from any Irish institution are eligible and can be enrolled in any study field. Funds are awarded based on academic merit.


The scholarship is normally valued at €10,000 per year, covering living expenses, student costs and tuition fees. You can apply directly to your host institution.