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Your En Route After Diploma Certificate

In conjunction with this September intake, we have our current and/or past students to share with you their tips and tricks in studying abroad.

So here we are about to share with you a short story from Chin Zhi Hao who pursued BA (Hon) in Architectural Design (RIBA Part 1)
and currently working in Singapore. Hope all of you enjoy his story and gives you preparation before you fly off this coming September 2016.


“My family was very positive and supportive about my decision despite having a heavy heart during my departure. With majority of students are locals and few international students, I’ve enjoyed learning about different cultures and adapting to the local living style. Besides, I built up a close relationship with lecturers and managed to learn a lot from them. Not forgetting, I had the chance to travel to other European countries and discovered their buildings’ architecture.
Study environment is more flexible where lecturers are straightforward and approachable in teaching. The course was 100% studio based, so I am able to apply what I’ve learnt in my career now. Employers tend to appreciate students who had experience abroad as they think these students tend to have characteristics and personality such as independence, self‐awareness, flexibility, good problem‐solving skills and cross‐cultural communication skills.

Chin Zhi Hao_graduation photo
Personally, it’s an awesome opportunity to study for 2 years in Ireland after Diploma. It will broaden our knowledge and we are able to gain a different kind of life experience. I’ll never forget this incredible experience!”

An Attitude You Should be Carrying Abroad

In conjunction with the new intakes flying off to Ireland this September 2016, we will be posting posts of existing students sharing their tips and tricks or the right mindset and direction you should be having and heading to as you are in abroad.

Here we have Yeo Eng Guang to advice you on facing the challenges and strive for more opportunities.

Alma mater in Malaysia: KL TAR UC – Diploma in Mass Communication (Public Relation)

Previous Institution in  Ireland: Dundalk Institute of Technology – Degree in Public Relation and Online Communication

Current University: Grenoble IAE, France – Master in International Management


Q: Have you been picturing yourself studying abroad?Yeo Eng Guang

Do you remember when you were a child and you wanted to buy a really awesome toy but you just can’t get it and when you were about to give up, Bam! It’s in your bedroom? Yeah me too. Traveling to the West have always been one of my dream as a child. I often fantasized how my life would be in the West. And with the opportunity presented by MyStudy, my fantasy became reality. I no longer need to wait for my slumber to live in a foreign land.

Q: Have you doubt on yourself during your abroad studies?

Of course there has been doubts on my ability to adapt to this situation and there are certainly some difficulties that follows. But as we learn from this challenges, life in Ireland is fascinating. These new people, new environment and new challenges only molded me into a better person that I never know I could be. All the soft skills and challenges that I’ve faced are priceless. It has even open up my willingness to try new things. We have all hear and knew the phrase “It is only impossible if we don’t try” or something similar, but this international experience has really taught me to embrace it. And for that, I was able to apply for a French University and finally able to speak French, which is another tick on my bucket list.
Q: Your advice to new students?
My take away from this experience is that never be shy or walk away from any opportunity. When opportunities comes to you, you don’t shake their hand, you bear hug them and show them what you’ve got.
We sincerely hope this little advice from Eng Guang will set a positive mindset to all the new students flying off soon. Have fun!

A Journey to Full Scholarship-You Can Too!

This year, we have a very special candidate to further her studies in Ireland this coming September 2016 in Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT). What makes her so special is her full scholarship fully funded for her Tuition Fees, Accommodation and Living expenses. We wouldn’t want to miss the chance to know more about her excitement and how she got the scholarship, read on below on the interview we had with her.


(a) Introduce about yourself…                                                              WhatsApp Image 2016-08-08 at 13.56.43

Name: Lee Sook Yan

Field of Study: Quantity Surveying

Ireland Institution: Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT)

Course in LIT: Master of Science in Quantity Surveying

(b) How long does it take to know your application result?

Recalling from the time I know the scholarship, the application for scholarship and my application was confirmed succeeded, all these were happened within in one month, which was in month of July 2016.

(c) Your excitement and how did you came across this scholarship application?

Getting this scholarship is really a great honour for me and my family. I have never thought that such wonderful chance come towards me, that is to further study master in oversea, until I got the calls from Associate Dean in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College and my beloved lecturer, who delivered this news and encouraged me to apply for it. At first, I was not fairly confident to apply for it. The reason is I think I am not the best student in my course in Bachelor Degree, in which this full scholarship scheme would only offer to one student, who thinks as to be a high calibrate student. Indeed, it is highly competitive.

(d) What achievements have you included to get this scholarship from LIT?

To put myself to compete for this scholarship, I shall list out some of my academic performances in TAR UC, as the achievements. They include Diploma in Technology with Distinction, Book Prize in Diploma in Technology (Quantity Surveying) and my proudest achievement is in my Final Year of Bachelor Degree, I won the Best Final Year Dissertation Project Student, which nominated for Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM) and Best Dissertation Award by Tunku Abdul Rahman University College 2016.

(e) What would you advice to your juniors in going the same path as you?

From the pending stage of application until the approval of scholarship , I realized one thing which I felt appreciated and I wish to share it to my juniors who wish to apply scholarship in the future. To be honest, I am not a Bachelor Degree student who graduated with Distinction. I would say that this is my best luck of obtaining this scholarship. From my point of view, LIT does not decide scholars depending on student outstanding academic records, like their CGPA grade, but they will consider your overall quality of application. Thus for me, I think my effort that I put in my dissertation truly help me out as chance of success.

(f) How would you see yourself in LIT and encouragement for others?

I will try my best to study well in the course. I am sure studying in Ireland would be a very good stepping stone for me to widen my future career opportunity. “Don’t belittle yourself. If you only do what you know you can do, you will never be more than you are.” (Kung fu Panda 3 Quote)


Want to be like Sook Yan? Always aim for the sky and perform the best, you will never know what’s rewarding ahead of you.

Broaden your scope in Ireland with everyone. Your passport to your future starts here…


2016 Pre Departure Briefing

Howdy everyone, if you’ve missed tracking on what event we had held previously, let us bring you a flashback.

Throwing back to last week we have had two successfully held event, one of it in Penang TAR UC Pre-departure briefing 2016 on 25th of July (Monday).


during the presentation


During Presentation

TAR UC students to Ireland with Branch Head-Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toh Guat Guan  & SAU AR-Joyce

-TAR UC Students to Ireland w/ Branch Head-Assoc.Prof.Dr.Toh Guat Guan & SAU AR-Joyce-

All Students from Penang to Ireland

-All Students from Penang TAR UC to Ireland-

Shortly on the week 30th of July (Saturday), we then held our KL TAR UC Branch Pre-Departure Briefing.


-Registration Counter-

IMG_8334 IMG_8344  IMG_8324

        -During Presentation-


-Ireland Student Daniel Danny(Right standing) sharing his experience-


Both events were a huge success, thank you KL and Penang Branch TAR UC for making this happen.

Thank you students for the attendance as the purpose of this event is to prep everyone on the new study journey to Ireland.

See you all during your departure and we Education in Ireland MY wish you have a pleasant journey & wonderful experience.