2016 Pre Departure Briefing – Education Ireland MY

2016 Pre Departure Briefing

Howdy everyone, if you’ve missed tracking on what event we had held previously, let us bring you a flashback.

Throwing back to last week we have had two successfully held event, one of it in Penang TAR UC Pre-departure briefing 2016 on 25th of July (Monday).


during the presentation


During Presentation

TAR UC students to Ireland with Branch Head-Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toh Guat Guan  & SAU AR-Joyce

-TAR UC Students to Ireland w/ Branch Head-Assoc.Prof.Dr.Toh Guat Guan & SAU AR-Joyce-

All Students from Penang to Ireland

-All Students from Penang TAR UC to Ireland-

Shortly on the week 30th of July (Saturday), we then held our KL TAR UC Branch Pre-Departure Briefing.


-Registration Counter-

IMG_8334 IMG_8344  IMG_8324

        -During Presentation-


-Ireland Student Daniel Danny(Right standing) sharing his experience-


Both events were a huge success, thank you KL and Penang Branch TAR UC for making this happen.

Thank you students for the attendance as the purpose of this event is to prep everyone on the new study journey to Ireland.

See you all during your departure and we Education in Ireland MY wish you have a pleasant journey & wonderful experience.