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IT Tallaght: Why I did ITT!

Find out why Rong Ji, a final year student in Electronic Engineering in ITT and our Chinese Student Ambassador, did ITT! From the college’s location to the quality of the courses on offer, there’s lots of reasons to choose IT Tallaght

Tallaght in located in South Dublin Country and is one of Ireland’s largest urban centres (after Dublin and Cork) with a population of more than 100,000 people. The Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT) is located at the centre of the the town and has over 40 links around the world. It cooperates with Nanjing Tech University in China, the University Paris Sorbone in France, in Poland, Brazil and so on.

There are many great courses of offer and ITT is also a hub of research and innovation. The Synergy Centre at ITT is an innovation centre that provides office space and business support to early-stage businesses, and it plays a key role in Ireland’s business innovation and research environment. These companies do really help cultivate the students’ practical skills and even offer jobs. I feel so lucky – I received a scholarship and I’m now working with Vilicom Ltd through projects during my time here in ITT.



There are lots of things that make studying at ITT great, here’s just some of the reasons I love studying here.

  1. ITT offers a comfortable environment to learn or improve your English
  2. You will experience a new, international culture and broaden your horizons
  3. You’ll have the chance to make new friends from over the world
  4. ITT is really accessible with lots of public transport options to and from Dublin City Centre.
  5. It is also located just a few minutes from the Square Tallaght shopping centre!
  6. ITT promotes equality access and gives students the opportunity to fully participate – facilitating all learners in achieving their potential
  7. The institute is small enough for students to feel at home very quickly
  8. Students and academic staff often meet one-on-one to discuss issues and project
  9. ITT offers advanced technology, highly-well equipped accommodations and warm-hearted staff!
  10. There are hundreds of societies and clubs at ITT that offer various types of sports activities and leisure entertainments for engaging students free time