The thoughts of DCU Language Services students on their time at Dublin City University – Education Ireland MY

The thoughts of DCU Language Services students on their time at Dublin City University


Szilvia from Hungary | studied IELTS preparation course

I took an IELTS preparation course in DCU for 6 weeks. I enjoyed every single day of it. The classes were informative, interactive, well-structured and fun at the same time.

We had plenty of opportunities to practice our English thanks to the small class sizes. We learnt a lot about different cultures while preparing for the speaking part of the IELTS test. We read a great volume of academic literature and interesting science news to prepare for the reading part of the IELTS exam. The homework structure was well balanced and those who requested more were provided with additional material to study at home.

All in all, this course was an amazing experience. I had an excellent teacher and nice classmates from all over the world. I will never forget them. As a result, I passed my IELTS exam with a great score and got access to third level education here in Ireland. Thank you DCU!


Oumayma Douhèret from France | studied TOEIC and General English

I studied in DCU for one month. The first two weeks were General English classes and the last two were TOEIC exam preparation classes. I really enjoyed every day in DCU. All of my teachers were amazing and taught me a lot. The teachers struck a perfect balance in DCU as the classes were entertaining and informative.

My classes in DCU finished at 1pm which gave me time to go sightseeing in Dublin. I also left the capital and visited the Irish countryside. The Irish landscape is incredible and travelling around Ireland was a breathtaking experience.

I’ve met people from all over the world in DCU. It was an amazing experience and I would love to do it all again. I’ve really enjoyed being in DCU and in Ireland and I highly recommend this experience!


Henrica from Germany | studied General English (Upper Intermediate)

I went to Dublin for 3 weeks with two aims, to travel and to improve my English. I stayed with a host family who were very friendly and made me feel comfortable immediately. Everything was so easy and well organized at DCU. My teacher and classmates were very funny and friendly. I found talking about all the different cultures including Brazilian, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Irish very interesting. After class, I had free time and was able to go sightseeing in Dublin or go to the pub with friends. One of the highlights for me was visiting the Cliffs of Moher. Another highlight was watching a Hurling game. I was very impressed with it as it is the fastest field sport of the world. I really enjoyed my time in Ireland and DCU and I would love to come back for a longer length of time.


Willian from Brazil | studied General English

Choosing to study at DCU was one of my best decisions in this journey that I started almost one year ago.

DCU has great teachers, methodology, staff and infrastructure, what makes the learning process engaging and easier. They are constantly monitoring the course quality. The classes have a good mix of students (so you will not experience the problem of having too many speakers of your native language).
I am happy and satisfied with every cent that I invested in my education. I highly recommend this institution and for sure will use their services again in the future!



Haruka Hayashi from Japan | studied Academic Year Programme

When I started studying at DCU, I was shy and very nervous and could not communicate with other people very well. All of the teachers were very supportive and the people of Dublin were really friendly too. I got used to Dublin very quickly!

The classes were great and I could feel myself improving immediately. My speaking skills greatly improved and I noticed a big difference in my ability. Also, I loved making friends with people from all over the world and exploring different cultures.

I enjoyed the facilities at DCU and often stayed on campus after class and went to library to study or to the Helix to chat with my friends. I really enjoyed the activities and day trips organised by DCU. I was able to travel all over Ireland at a much cheaper price than if I organised the trips myself.

I strongly recommend DCU if you want to study English.